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You can spend all of your time in town or on the roads, however, at some point you may venture outside where you are bound to be attacked by hostile monsters (or perhaps other players!). This is a short guide to explain the basics of combat.

Your armor class is listed on your player screen. Armor protects you from damaging attacks. In addition to equippable armor, players with high Dexterity (DEX) will have more natural armor.

There are three basic types of weapon damage in Dransik: Melee, Bow, and Mage. Strength (STR) impacts your damage with Melee weapons (polearms, blunts, axes, short blades, long blades). Dexterity (DEX) impacts your chance to hit with melee weapons and also determines how well you can use Ranged weapons (bows, crossbows, thrown weapons). Intelligence (INT) determines your chance of succesfully casting a mage weapons and if you can use mage weapons or not.

If you use the same weapon over and over again, your skill level in that weapon class will grow and you will do more damage. You can train any weapon you want. Warriors will be given a weapon orb when they first start that will let them chose one weapon class to start training, but this doesn't limit your ability to train other weapon classes.

To attack a monster, make sure you are in combat mode (press A or Q). To attack a player or guard, turn off target protection (F4). Your arrow will turn red when you are in combat mode. Next, click on the monster you want to attack. A blue box will appear around the creature along with its health bar in yellow. When you are next to the creature you will begin to attack it (and it will begin attacking you). In the examples below, the orange explosion is a hit (left) and the blue star is a miss /block(right).
Combat Text
Combat text is extremely useful and can be turned on or off by pressing F2. This will tell you how much damage you are doing (green), how much you are taking (red), and how much experience you're gaining with each attack (white). It will also tell you experience for other skills and if you are poisoned (yellow), diseased (green), or hungry (orange).

Once a monster's hit points reach zero it is defeated and may drop gold or other things that you can use. If you perish in combat (or from poison, disease, or hunger) you will drop everything in your backpack and have a chance to randomly drop an equipped item. See looting/death rules for information on who can loot you, when, and with what consequences. Once you die you will respawn at your chosen spawn gate. Criminals will respawn at an evil (gray) gate. Double click a spawn gate to set that for your next death. You have a small amount of time to return to your corpse and recover your items, but be careful because the monsters or players that defeated you may still be lurking around your corpse.
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