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All players start at level 1, except those that chose the Warrior profession who will start at level 0. There are several ways you can gain experience: completing Quests and training various skills. When you have obtained the required amount of experience you will gain a level and be told how much experience is required for the next level.

Experience earned can be seen on your player screen:

In this example, John Doe is a level 1 Farmer who has 5 experience points. Once he reaches 2000 experience points he'll be level 2. The highest level, Level 100, requires 281,870,000 experience points! It is no easy task to reach level 100.

Named NPCs throughout the world usually ask you to do something for them, this is called a Quest. You don't have to accept it but if you do you will get experience and experience pool (epool). Experience goes toward your player level. You can spend Experience Pool on any skill you want (press S or F to bring up skill menu, then double click a skill). Talk to anyone and everyone to see if they have something for you to do. Any easy quest for new players on Silvest is given by a woman named Anna Bell in the tavern. She will ask you to kill 20 rats in the wine cellar below the tavern, and will reward you with experience and 50 bandages for helping her.

The other way to gain experience is by training weapon and crafting skills. Almost anything you do in Dransik will give you experience towards a skill. View the Skills page for more information about which skills you can train and how to begin them.
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