Welcome to the official website of Dransik!

Dransik is governed by the Pixel Mine Rules of Conduct and End User License Agreement. Before playing the game, please read this document.

Here are some common sense guidelines that apply to any online game:
  • Do not share account information EVER for ANY reason
  • Be careful who you trust - there are many who try to prey on new players
  • Be courteous to those you meet, they may end up being powerful friends (or foes) one day
  • Respect the game play decisions of others in terms of PVP and looting
Game Moderators are volunteer staff who help moderate the game. They watch out for bug abuse, grief play, and other forms of prohibited behavior. They help new players and sometimes run events for the players. They can't help you with technical problems, billing, or accounts, however. Please contact support for those needs.
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