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Attributes determine how well you can perform with a certain weapon, your success at various tradeskills, and what kind of weapons/armor you can equip.

There are four attributes:

Strength (STR) Determines carrying capacity and melee damage
Dexterity (DEX) Determines chance to hit with weapons and increases your armor class
Intelligence (INT) Determines chance of casting spells and allows you to use high level mage items
Constitution (CON) Determines rate of health regeneration and health (HP) gained per level

Your base level for all attributes is 5. You can raise the level of your attributes with orbs. When creating your character you are given 5 orbs. In game you'll gain 2 orbs each level. Warriors, who start at level 0, end up with 227 orbs total. All other professions will end up with 225 orbs. Keep in mind that the maximum number of orbs for any attribute is 100 (not including bonuses from equipment).

Certain pieces of equipment may give you bonuses to your attributes. Your base attribute level will always appear as yellow and your total attribute level with bonuses will appear in (green) next to the base level (as shown in the example on the left)

In the example Player Screen above (right), John Doe has base of 5 orbs in each attribute and has 5 orbs to spend. The grey box on the left of each attribute is where you click to add orbs. NOTE: There is no confirmation screen when you distribute your orbs. Once you click the box you have committed that orb and can't get it back unless you purchase an orb reset from the store.

Here are some sample attribute builds to help you decide where to spend your orbs:

100 22 5 100 The "Warrior" build. You are proficient with most weapons and can withstand a great deal of damage. (NOTE: this build chose Warrior profession)
100 100 5 22 The "Archer" or "Bower" build. You are proficient with most weapons and excel at archery, but you can't take as much damage as a warrior. (NOTE: this build chose Warrior profession)
75 5 60 87 The "Warrior Mage" build. This player can equip any item in game, including high end mage weapons. (NOTE: this build chose Warrior profession)
10 10 100 100 The "Mage" build. This player excels at magery and is very good at healing party members.
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