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There are many useful services and products that can be bought from shops with gold. You can also sell your goods to shops. Below is a short guide to shops and what you can purchase from them.

Sign Shop Description
Armory Armory Armories sell leather and chain armor for all parts of your body, including various types of shields. Armories often have forges and anvils nearby for you to use for free to train your Mining and Blacksmithing skills.
Blacksmith Blacksmith Blacksmith shops are located in large towns. Blacksmiths will sell you tools like hammers and pick axes. You can use their anvils and forges to smelt and shape metal.
Bank Bank Banks provide secure storage for you, for free
Shipyard Shipyard Shipyards are found in some towns near bodies of water. They control the docks, however, all docks across Dransik are empty, for now...
Farm Farm stores do not have a sign, however, if a town has a farmer he can be found near the fields. You can buy seeds and farm implements. Mills are located near farmers that you can use to grind wheat, sugar, and cinnamon.
Inn Inn Inns provide beds that you can sleep on for a small fee. Sleeping restores your stamina.
Pub Pub Pubs sell food and drink. There are often ovens in pubs that you can use to work on your cooking skill.
Provisioner Provisioner Provisioners are there for all of your basic needs. They sell food, bandages, gems, sextants, and tools/implements used for various skills. You can usually find a spinning wheel in Provisioner shops which can turn cotton into string.
Seer Seer You can find magical scrolls for sale in Seers' shops.
Town Hall Town Hall The Town Hall is the place where the mayor of the town resides. This isn't a shop, per se, but sometimes you can find quests and other interesting things to do here.
Weaponry Weaponry Weaponries stock new weapons for all weapon classes such as swords, axes, polearms, bows, and ammunition. Visit them if you want to try a new weapon or upgrade your current weapon.
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