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Always keep check of your player's status. Is he low on health? Is he hungry? Is he poisoned or diseased? If you are infected or wounded you won't be able to adventure for very long and are at greater risk of perishing. In the example below, John Doe is fairly healthy, has full Stamina, and is not weighed down.

Sample Player Screen

Health is measured in hit points. This number can be seen at the top of your player screen. Each time you gain a level you will gain additional hit points. This is determined by how many orbs you have placed in Constitution. The health of other creatures and players can be seen when you select them as a target.

You can lose health from hunger, attacks from monsters/players, poison, and disease. Over time you will regain hit points at a slow rate. The rate you regenerate health is determined by how many orbs you have placed in Constitution.

You can use bandages, healing potions, and scrolls if you don't want to wait to become healthy again. These items can be purchased from provisioner and mage shops in towns around the world. The more you use these skills the better you are at healing yourself.

Status Healers

Unlike most games, you can't adventure forever without getting tired. You will become winded and lose Stamina (STA) over time. Once you reach 0 Stamina, your hunger begins to take a toll on your hit points. You can't sit AFK in Dransik...this will ultimately lead to death.

Stamina can be restored by eating. Food is easy to obtain. Some monsters drop edible food and other monsters can be harvested for their meat which you can cook in an oven. Train up your cooking and roasting skills so you always have food on hand. You can also buy food from Taverns if you have enough gold.

Poison & Disease
In your adventures you may become poisoned or diseased by monsters and players with special items. When you become poisoned or diseased your hit points will slowly fall until you perish. Turn on Combat Text (press F2) to see if you are being affected.

You can cure yourself of poison or disease with a potion. Mages sell Cure Poison and Cure Disease potions at their shops. If your bandage skill is high enough you can also use a bandage to cure your ailment(s) and regain some hit points.
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