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The following items are available for purchase in the Dransik Exchange and the Pixel Mine Store. The Dransik Exchange is an in-game store that uses tokens as its currency. Tokens may be purchased through the Pixel Mine Secure Site. The current rate is $.05 for 1 token. International prices vary according to the exchange rate prevailing at the time of the transaction. You can find the current exchange rate for your home currency here.

Name Description Tokens
Mainlands Move Deluxe Moves your character to Mainlands without inventory loss. 1,200
Velsinea Move Deluxe Moves your character to Velsinia without inventory loss. 1,200
Mainlands Move Move your character to the mainlands losing all items. 600
Velsinea Move Move your character to Velsenia losing all items. 600
Backpack Increase Provides added storage to character's on your account's bank and backpack. 500
Name Change Purchasing a name change will let you change your character's name once. 500
Orb Reset Reset your characters stats to the initial setting. 500
Access License Allows you to play Dransik from one additional computer per license. 300
Race Change Allows players to change their character race. 200
Avatar Change Change your character to one of many interesting creatures while keeping your race bonuses. 80
Alignment Boost Increases your ability to gain alignment 40

Name Description Tokens
Map Reveal Permanently displays the entire above ground map. 100
Berserker Potion Drinking a Berserker Potions causes the player to attack all creatures within melee range at once. 40
Runeshard Take 5 orbs from one attribute and redistribute them. 40
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